ANYTHING GOES came together in 1986 for the desire to focus - besides the live concerts with our band at the time - on the essential: composing and recording good songs. To achieve this we spent a terrific week by the sea in a Danish vacation house. Over the years, many things might have changed but our Danish week has become a tradition: we are there every winter.

Initially the fun predominated, like recording the vocals on the terrace or trying out percussions in the bathroom because there was nowhere it sounded better!The fun has remained - however our musical chops have grown just the same as our equipment. At the beginning we were three, sometimes four, but in the last few years the two founding members Steve and Christian were those who composed, played and recorded the songs.

In the Danish dune landscape we find the inspiration for unforgettable melodies, magnificent lead vocals, perfect choirs and terrific guitar solos...While the creative musical moments take place in Denmark, the quite significant post-processing is carefully done at home. Some songs need a few months before they go to the final mix. It seems to be a winning formula: after all, we have done about 160 songs that way! Our first CD "Stay in bed" from 1997 contains a selection of our greatest hits until that year. - Now we have released our CD "One thing for you !" with the hits of the last three years.


The new Album
"One Thing For You!"